How to convert Json Epoch date string to C# DateTime


The method below converts a Json Epoch Date string to a .NET string with a given format.

        public string JsonEpochDateToDateTime(string jsonEpochDate, string resultFormat)
            string result = string.Empty;

            if (jsonEpochDate.Contains("Date(") && jsonEpochDate.Contains(")"))
                jsonEpochDate = jsonEpochDate.Replace("Date(", string.Empty).Replace(")", string.Empty);

            long milliseconds = 0;
            long.TryParse(jsonEpochDate, out milliseconds);

            if (milliseconds > 0)
                var epochDate = new DateTime(1970, 1, 1);

                result = epochDate.AddMilliseconds(milliseconds).ToLocalTime().ToString(resultFormat);

            return result;


Usage example

var convertedDate = JsonEpochDateToDateTime("Date(1553209200000)", "dd-MM-yyyy");


Results in : 22-03-2019


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