Month: March 2016

Transforming resx files into TypeScript models before build (npm)

Introduction For a while now i have been looking for a way to work with resources from .resx files in web applications where i use TypeScript. I don’t like the manual labour of creating models/interfaces, but i want to work with intellisense in TypeScript and without having to use magic strings (or even enums) while using […]

MvcBuildViews setting depending on build configuration

Introduction By default, in a MVC web application, MVC Razor views (.cshtml files) are not compiled at build time, so any errors in these parts of the application will only occure during run time. When you are editing a .cshtml file your Error window will show the errors in that specific file, but these errors will […]

Creating Visual Studio 2015 project template

Introduction A while ago i wanted to play with some new frameworks, but it took me some time to get the Visual Studio project setup correct and as minimal as possible. So i thought to myself, what if i had a project template so that i won’t have to do this over and over again. I […]

DNX Console application spinner example

Introduction If you need a spinner/busy indicator in a console application, you can find thread based examples on how to do this easily via Google or other search engines, however I could not find working spinner examples for DNX console applications. This article shows how to implement a simple spinner in a DNX console application. […]